Zoning Committee

Committee Objective:

The Zoning Committee works with property owners, developers and the City of Madison to ensure that the size and scale of new development enhances and is compatible with the established and planned neighborhood character and density (from the City of Madison's Comprehensive Plan, 2006), and meets zoning ordinances and neighborhood plans.



Usually the ZC meetings are held the 3nd Thursday of each month, 7:00-8:30 pm.  Next Meeting: Thursday, September 17, 2015, 7:00-8:30pm at Barriques on Monroe st in the back room. 

The Zoning Committee always welcomes interested individuals, to simply share fresh ideas and concerns or to join the committee, further impacting your neighborhood.


Other relevant meetings . . . .

  • Common Council meetings: approx. every other Tuesday (4/21/15; 5/5/15; 5/19/15; 6/2/15; 6/16/15; 7/7/15; 7/21/15; 8/4/15; 9/1/15; ...), 6:30pm, Room 201, City-County Building (210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)
  • Plan Commission meetings: approx. every other Monday (4/20/15; 5/4/15; 5/18/15; 6/8/15; 6/22/15; 7/13/15; 7/27/15; 8/10/15; 8/24/15; ...), 5:30pm, Room 201, City-County Building (210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)



Zoning Committee Chair, Joel Bodilly: zoning@dmna.org


Current Zoning Projects:

Monday, APRIL 20th will be voted on by Plan Commission at their meeting (5:30pm, Room 201, City-County Building (210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) as to whether or not to grant a conditional use permit. 

All neighbors are welcome to write letters to the Plan Commission and to attend the meeting to observe or to speak, either in favor or opposed.

DMNA Statement of Opposition to the granting of conditional use permit is attached below under File Attachments "4.20.15 DMNA 3414 Monroe."


Please visit the page "3414 Monroe Street updates" or click on title link for past information about this development. 


  • Knickerbocker/Monroe Development (Former site of Knickerbocker bungalow and Town and Country Auto Repair buildings): construction of "The Monroe" multi-residential/commercial, 4-story, 28,986 sq. ft. building is finished and is now open to residential & commercial tenants.  The commercial tenants (with 2248 sq. ft. total) are Monroe Street Shoe Repair and The Knitting Tree, both formerly next-door tenants of 2612 Monroe Street.  The Monroe consists of 21 residential units (25 bedrooms), 16 enclosed, at-grade parking spaces for residents, 4 covered, at-grade parking spaces shared commercial/residential, and 1 surface parking space.
  • 2530-2536 Monroe Street (The Gay Building, Pasqual's old location): Sold in February 2014 to Hang Dog LLC, developer Sean Phelan of Milwaukee.  Mr. Phelan completed a major renovation of the western 2/3 of building and keep Monroe Street Arts Center as partial tenants in the eastern 1/3.  Colectivo Coffee opened in the renovated space on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015.  The hours of operation are M-W 6am-9pm, Th-F 6am-10pm, Sat 6:30am-10pm, Sun 6:30am-9pm.
  • 2612 Monroe Street: Hoping to open in Mid-May will be the Freiburg Gastropub (Stag and Stein LLC), an upscale German restaurant with a 10-year lease from building owner Jim Shapiro with 5-year extension option.  This is the former location of Krakora Photography Studio, The Knitting Tree, and Monroe Street Shoe Repair (the last two now in The Monroe, next-door). The owners of Freiburg Gastropub include Steve Weber and Jack and Julie Sosnowski, the owners of Madison's The Ivory Room Piano Bar, Capital Tap Haus, Buck and Badger, and Rare on the Square Steak House. The restaurant will seat approximately 60 with an additional 20 barstools and seating for 15 outside in back courtyard, provide a full bar in a separate room from the dining and open kitchen design, provide valet parking, open 7 days a week 11am-10 or 11 pm (9pm on Sunday), predicted menu pricepoint of appetizers under $10, entrees $8-$20 with fresh, local produce, keep deliveries to Monroe Street with small trucks that will not idle. Their Class B Combination Liquor and Beer License was heard before the Alcohol License Review Committee on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, where the Committee voted 4-1 against the application.   Technically, the vote was to "place on file."  There is some recourse for re-applying, and this decision is only a recommendation to the Common Council, where it will still be voted on in their meeting Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 6:30pm. The backyard outdoor seating will not be pursed.  Not only were many committee members against (due to noise, proximity to backyards), but apparently outdoor seating on private property has to go to the Zoning Commission for approval. The owner, afterwards, told neighbors that they will not pursue this.  There is a 2nd Neighborhood meeting with the Freiburg owners scheduled on Thursday, April 9, 2015, 6:30 pm, at location at 2612 Monroe Street.
  • The arguments made by those against the liquor license:

    1) Alcohol density in our neighborhood

    2) Impact on neighborhood in terms of parking

    3) The valet proposal was considered ill-conceived given the location, traffic flow, etc.  

    4) Concern that the City told neighbors just a year ago during The Monroe hearings that this block was not an appropriate location for a restaurant.

    The owners made some important comments. First, they said that they had not been informed by our current Alder, Lucas Dailey, that they could expect neighborhood opposition. All members of the committee said that they felt badly for the owners because they had not been been fully informed. Second, the Alders were shocked Lucas had not told the owners about the understanding that arose from The Monroe debate -- that a restaurant would not be appropraite in this location.The ALRC motion goes to the Common Council for a vote on Wednesday, March 31, 6:30 pm, at which we will have a new alder, post April 7th election.   If you would like to express your thoughts to the alders before that meeting, please send email to allalders@cityofmadison.com
    Anyone wishing to speak will be given an opportunity to do so at  this public meeting.     https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=3636038&GUID=6B32A838-ABFE-4F07-AD2E-4A723B933C35

  • 2602 Arbor Drive at Wingra Park apartments: was TSS zoned but has been rezoned (4/8/2014) to a multi-family residential designation (TR-U1). 
  • 3302 & 3310 Monroe Street: was TSS zoned but has been rezoned (4/8/2014) to a multi-family residential designation (TR-V1). 
  • Not yet on Plan Commission agenda:
    • 664 Sprague St.: currently TSS zoned.
  • Changed from TSS (Traditional Shopping Street) to TR-V1 (Traditional Residential - Varied 1; multi-tenant residential): passed by Plan Commission 9/30/13; passed by  Common Council 10/15/13
  • Changed from TSS (Traditional Shopping Street) to TR-C2 (Traditional Residential - Consistent 2; single-family residential): passed by Plan Commission 9/30/13; passed by Common Council 10/15/13
  • Gates and Brovi parking sign - mounted to left of G&B front door (please see file attachment below for actual photo of sign)
  • 2014 Reconfiguration of Commonwealth Ave.
  • 2017 Reconfiguration of "Downhill" Monroe Street (Leonard to Midvale), if budget allows
  • 2017 Reconfiguration of "Uphill" Monroe Street (Regent to Leonard)


Documents related to the planning process: