Southwest Path

Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Path Committee: Overview

Our History: The current DMNA Path Committee and its SW Path Community Restoration Project* have evolved from several organizations and efforts: the initial and multi-neighborhood Friends of the SW Bike Path (2001), the Replanters of the Path (2003), the Friends of the Southwest Path (2005), and the more recent focus of the DMNA Bike Path Committee on the section between Odana Rd. and Commonwealth Ave. (*in partnership with the Friends of Lake Wingra, the city of Madison Engineering Division, the UW Arboretum, MG&E, and the Therese Foundation.)

Our Basic Goals:

The current DMNA Path Committee aims to:
• Maintain neighborhood interest in/and projects for controlling invasives and restoring native habitat as appropriate along the neighborhood path corridor.
• Encourage public and private partnerships to better manage the path habitat as part of the Lake Wingra watershed management area.

Our Typical Projects:

Activities along the Dudgeon-Monroe path corridor include:
(1) seasonal management of invasives such as garlic mustard, burdock, thistle, ragweed, hedge parsley, buckthorn, and honeysuckle; some attempts at managing japanese knotweed;

(2) establishing more areas of native seed, plants, shrubs. We maintain prairies at Odana/path and Glenway/path, and help with native areas along the path at Prospect Ramp area with Regent Neighborhood crews.

Contacts for DMNA Path Committee

Chair & Glenway Prairie Area: Sandy Stark, 255-4195,

Dudgeon-Monroe (Odana)Prairie: Sue Reindollar, 630-9005
Prospect Ramp: Jake Blaczyk, 251-9506
Other (edible gardens, Master Gardeners): Percy Mather, 233-1955

We work with city of Madison Engineering divisions and our crews are managed by neighborhood restorationists, many of whom are certified in prairie burns and treating invasives.