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August 6, 2017


1)    On your website, you talk about the speakers being aimed low at the bleachers for a school crowd of 400. But if you anticipate offering the stadium to outside groups, and there is no cap on attendance, the volume and position of the sound system will have to be adjusted to be heard by all those people. How do you propose to contain the sound when you have, for example, 2000+ people on the field?

About Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA)

SW Path Prsirie Burn

The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA) represents about 1,500 households in the residential and business area along Monroe Street, in the near-west side of Madison. DMNA was established in 1973.

This website provides information about the neighborhood, our association, DMNA officers and committee chairs, and much more. Please browse and enjoy. We encourage you and your family to take a walk or bike ride through our wonderful neighborhood; shop at our local businesses; and join in the upcoming activities and events.

Additional information about our neighborhood, including upcoming events, community garage sales, part-time job offerings, timely news, free items available, and more, can also be found via various other resources, including: (enter your home address and preferred email) or by joining The Green Google Group,

Photo credit:  "Boats on Wingra" by Kathleen Engebretsen        

2017 UW Badger Home Football Games at Camp Randall

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding neighborhood street closures, sound checks, and more. 

Friday, September 1 at 8 PM

Saturday, September 9 at 11 AM

Saturday, September 30 Time TBA

Saturday, October 14  Time TBA

Saturday, October 21 at 11 AM (UW Homecoming)

Saturday, November 11  Time TBA

Saturday, November 18  Time TBA 

SW Path Spring Updates & Volunteer Opportunities


DMNA Prairie, intersection of Odana Rd & SW Path              

Contact: Sue Reindollar,

Tasks: Mostly maintaining the diversity of this beautifully established showcase prairie. Spring burn and cleanup, staying on top of highly invasive hedge parsley & garlic mustard.  Schedule varies.


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